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From a bird’s eye view, Costa Rica’s Southern Zone is an abundant mantle of dense tropical rainforest and pristine stretches of coastline. This is one of the world’s richest areas in terms of biodiversity, which has made it a natural setting for some of the most impressive ecological initiatives and conservation efforts in Central America. From the 360 views that bless the refreshing coastal mountain range, going through Southern Costa Rica’s intricate web of water sources, including wide rivers and breathtaking waterfalls, all the way to a rainforest habitat bursting every step of its way towards the gorgeous Pacific beachfront, there’s hardly a property that better embodies the area’s natural wonders than Sea Ridge Reserve.

If there’s ever been a property suited by the term iconic, it has to be Sea Ridge. Since it’s inception more than 25 years ago, this magnificent estate has been serving as a pioneer in terms of ecological efforts for the preservation of Costa Ballena, amassing approx. 2500 acres of some of the planet’s most vibrant ecosystems. Located on a glorious 2,400-foot tall knoll on the coastal mountain range, Sea Ridge Reserve boasts the highest point within the closest proximity to the ocean in Costa Rica, and from there, it’s expansive views stretch 60 miles up and down the coast, offering some of the most jaw-dropping natural sights to be had in the tropics.

At the heart of this extensive range of exotic flora and fauna lies the 5,000 m2, four-story main house of Sea Ridge Reserve, a unique structure built with the staggering 360 views that bless it in mind. Be it as the headquarters of a natural reserve, an education hub or a wellness center,the main house will easily serve as a primary anchor for any future expansion plans for the property. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy a true legacy estate from which to explore the untapped potential the region has as a beacon for global sustainability.

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About Sea Ridge

Sea Ridge itself is within the area of one of the most important biological migratory corridors in Central America, El Paso de la Danta, a characteristic that explains its wide array of exotic flora and fauna.


The original owners of Sea Ridge Reserve left a mark on the region’s ecological ethos as soon as they arrived to Costa Rica’s coastal zone 25 years ago. They were early pioneers in the eco-investment realm, amassing thousands of acres that host some of the world’s most abundant natural habitats, and establishing one of the first preservation efforts in Costa Ballena. In many ways, Sea Ridge is their legacy to the world.


Throughout the properties vast grounds, different microclimates and natural settings intertwine, providing an immersive miniature of Costa Rica’s famous biodiversity. Just in terms of views, some of the country’s most imposing waterfalls in Diamante, Santa Luis and Santa Lucía can all be seen from Sea Ridge, while north-to-south panoramas of the Talamanca mountain range, including iconic Mount Chirripo, round out what’s an unparalleled feature of the property.


In addition to the innate beauty of its surroundings, Sea Ridge Reserve has enviable water sovereignty, as the many creeks, rivers and waterfalls complement its nine-liter-per-second legal water concession. With these possibilities, the potential for self-grown food production, and an avenue for hydroelectric power production, the property offers a rare chance for truly autonomous living and self-sustainability.

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